Revising Leah

January 3, 2009

(Dream Interlude)

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This morning, while I was still asleep, I had a vivid dream of a group of teenage girls and one teenage guy standing on a city street corner and talking. The conversation was what shook me awake. It was like a poem, or a song, as the girls were repeating and playing with one particular phrase, interjecting it into each of their statements again and again but improvising variations on the phrase — kind of like how jazz musicians improvise on a basic melody. The result was a scene that was both funny and linguistically cool.

I awoke and immediately got out of bed to fire up my computer. As I waited for it to boot, I could sense the girls’ conversation fading from my imagination, as dreams always do. By the time I had my word processor open and started scrambling to transcribe it (writing so fast I completely ignored things like punctuation, and since I don’t know who all of the characters were, I didn’t bother with dialogue attribution) I had lost much of it, but I still managed to get a portion of the conversation down — just enough so that when I return to it later, I’ll be able to [re]construct the poem/conversation.

I think it will be a scene in my next novel; in fact, I even know which chapter it would fit into.


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