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October 16, 2008

Now Comes the Fun Part (Progress Report #11)

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I’ve finished the sixth revision cycle. I’ve decided that the seventh cycle will be my last, but it will also be the longest — extending to the end of the year. In this upcoming cycle, I won’t be trying to read the novel straight through, although I probably will do that at least once. Instead, I’m going to skip around a little bit, opening the file to a random passage or a random chapter and just start reading, looking for any sentences that I can adjust or words that I can change. A year ago, when I did this with The Spring, it was one of the most enjoyable phases of the revision process. I’ve reached a stage where I can enjoy the story and the text even as I continue to work on it.

Page count: 229.

Word count: Who cares?


May 1, 2008

Starting Point

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There are several ways that I can go about revising Leah, depending on which text I care to use. One option is to use the published text itself and literally re-write the whole thing. That might be effective, but it would also be very time-consuming and, frankly, boring. I have a number of copies of the book lying around, and — interestingly — it seems that there are still some copies for sale (though I’m not sure who is selling them).

Instead, the text that I am revising is the version of Leah that I submitted to the publisher. It isn’t quite the same text that was ultimately published because I made a number of changes while reviewing the galleys, but it’s close enough, and besides, I predict I’ll be making a lot more changes to the text than I made to the galleys.

If you want to follow along or just see what the big deal is all about, there’s no need to buy one of the few copies still floating around in the wild. Just download this PDF to see the 1996 version.

What I plan to do is re-read the text, and as I read, I’ll highlight words, sentences, and whole passages that I’m not happy with and that need to be revised. I’m guessing this first stage of the revision process will take about a couple of weeks.

Of course, I will keep you posted. . .

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