Revising Leah

January 28, 2009

Which Ebook Formats Am I Missing?

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I believe in giving away ebook versions of my books, and I’ve got a special page set up for free downloads at my website. Right now, I have three ebook formats to choose from: PDF, PRC, and PDB. So far, I only have those three because while it seems every ebook reader on the market has its own (sometimes proprietary) format, most ebooks are able to interpret at least one of those three formats.

But just because an ebook reader can display, for example, a PDF file, that doesn’t mean that the PDF file looks good or is easy to read when it’s displayed. Unfortunately, I have no way of testing these formats on ebook devices since I do not yet own any ebook reader (I’d like one, but they’re all still so expensive), and since there are so many different readers and devices (like cell phones) capable of displaying some of these formats, there’s no way I can test each device.

My questions are these: if anyone reading this has an ebook reader or a cell phone that can display formats, is there a particular format that I am missing that I absolutely should offer on my “free ebooks” page? Are there any devices that will not display a PDF, PRC, or PDB file at all?

It’s too bad that there isn’t one format (like the mp3 format for audio) that most devices can use. So many different formats will just make it harder for the ebook market to take off.


May 1, 2008

Starting Point

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There are several ways that I can go about revising Leah, depending on which text I care to use. One option is to use the published text itself and literally re-write the whole thing. That might be effective, but it would also be very time-consuming and, frankly, boring. I have a number of copies of the book lying around, and — interestingly — it seems that there are still some copies for sale (though I’m not sure who is selling them).

Instead, the text that I am revising is the version of Leah that I submitted to the publisher. It isn’t quite the same text that was ultimately published because I made a number of changes while reviewing the galleys, but it’s close enough, and besides, I predict I’ll be making a lot more changes to the text than I made to the galleys.

If you want to follow along or just see what the big deal is all about, there’s no need to buy one of the few copies still floating around in the wild. Just download this PDF to see the 1996 version.

What I plan to do is re-read the text, and as I read, I’ll highlight words, sentences, and whole passages that I’m not happy with and that need to be revised. I’m guessing this first stage of the revision process will take about a couple of weeks.

Of course, I will keep you posted. . .

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