Revising Leah

September 17, 2008

And Now For Some Music

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Believe me, I definitely don’t want this writing blog to turn into a music blog, but the other day, I heard the new single by Hello Saferide (a Swedish act — I’ve got this thing for Swedish indie pop, don’t ask). The song immediately connected with me because it reminded me of Leah’s parents and their attitude towards their daughter. When Leah was born, Mr. and Mrs. Nells must have had dreams and expectations for her, but, so far, Leah has been a disappointment to her parents, and she’ll probably continue to be a disappointment in the foreseeable future. The song is about unfulfilled potential with respect to a child and a family which I think fits quite well the story I’m trying to tell. The song does have a melancholy twist at the end that has nothing to do with my novel, but the first 2:40 minutes could have been penned by Mrs. Nells herself, so I feel compelled to share it in this blog.

Anna – Hello Saferide

One interesting dynamic between Leah and her parents is that Leah is an only child. I probably could have given her a sibling if I wanted to, but I like the idea that Leah is under pressure to live up to all of her parents’ expectations because she is their only child. It’s not like they can just give up on her and devote themselves to a brother or sister. Leah doesn’t necessarily imagine her life as a disappointment, since it’s her life and we never see our own lives as failures — even when it’s perfectly clear to the rest of the world — but she does realize that she isn’t living up to her parents’ expectations, and that weighs heavily on her.


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