Revising Leah

July 21, 2008

Reading Assignment #2

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I’ve never liked the idea of using medicine and drugs to change one’s moods and behavior because ultimately such drugs don’t really change a person, they only mask who they really are. Give oxytocin to someone who is shy and you haven’t actually “cured” the shyness. The person is still shy; the drug simply evokes extroverted behavior. Take the drug away, and the person will revert to his or her former self — his or her true self.

Why is it so important that we all think and behave the same way? Where does this drive to homogenize human behavior come from? Humanity itself is diminished when we try to limit the scope of emotions and behaviors to only those which are socially/politically/economically acceptable.


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  1. Outstanding post/comments! I believe that there was a time before pharmaceutical brainwashing that most people dealt with their emotions/behaviors and we were a stronger society. Many of us still believe in being true to ourselves even if it means being different and facing reality without becoming a part of a standardized society.

    Annie O.

    Comment by cedarstreetwriter — July 22, 2008 @ 2:28 am

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