Revising Leah

May 4, 2008

Mixed Feelings

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I just finished reading chapter five. There are twelve chapters in the 1996 draft, so I am making good progress. In the original draft, the chapters ran rather long, so what I will probably do eventually is break some of them down into smaller chapters, but that stage is still a ways off.

When I read, I experience a combination of disappointment and excitement. I’m disappointed because the text is just as badly written as I feared it was (although I found that chapter five wasn’t as bad as the previous chapters). But I’m also excited because I know that I can fix this novel. The book still makes me cringe in places, but it won’t be like that for much longer.

I’m so eager to make corrections that I find myself adding sentences or rewriting sentences as I read. At this stage, I’m only supposed to be highlighting the obvious trouble spots, but I’m so anxious to revise that I can’t help but make the occasional change here and there.

Some writers claim that the revising stage is the most interesting and exciting. I never used to believe that, but after my experience last summer while finishing The Spring, and now this experience with Leah, I’m starting to understand what those writers are talking about. Yes, revising is a lot of work and it can sometimes be painful, but it can be exciting too.


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