Revising Leah

May 2, 2008


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As I’m re-reading the text, I’m using the word processor’s highlighting tool to highlight those words, phrases, sentences, passages that need to be changed. In some cases, I haven’t used the best word. In other places, the sentence could be phrased better. Sometimes I find that I could add more details or expand upon something that I have written. Other sentences or passages probably ought to be deleted completely.

I’m using the simple yellow highlighting tool. I suppose I could employ other colors to indicate the different tasks that need to be performed (a green highlight for a wrong word choice, a gray highlight for a sentence that needs to be deleted, etc.), but I’m sticking with yellow only. This was the method I used last year when I was working on The Spring. It caused some confusion because there might be a gap of days — even weeks — between highlighting something that I thought needed to be changed and actually sitting down to change it. Sometimes I couldn’t remember why I had highlighted a phrase in the first place. That didn’t bother me, though, and if it happens again while I’m working on Leah, then that’s okay because just as I make mistakes while drafting a text, I might also make mistakes when revising it. The revising process is long, so I know I’ll have lots of opportunities to correct potential problems. And if I miss something the first time I re-read the text, maybe I’ll catch it on the second go-around.

One problem that I am encountering as I re-read Leah is that I’ve done a lot more telling than showing in the early chapters. I also noticed this problem twelve years ago, but at the time I didn’t think there was much to be done about it because the first few chapters focus almost exclusively on Leah herself, and she is a rather passive character observing the world rather than participating in it. As I re-read the text now, though, I’m not so sure the situation is as hopeless as I thought it was, and one thing which I will try to do when I start revising the chapters is to try to show a little bit more.


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